The Southern Kingdoms


I, Franz Webber, last of my line, hereby record the ascendance of the Chaos God Mirroam. The story of how this vile entity came to challenge the Dark God for a place amongst them is a terrible and horrifying one. Many shall consider this information heresy and I do not doubt that the Witch Hunters shall soon track me down. Still, the information I have compiled must be known so that those who keep good in their hearts will know how to stop it from ever happening again. I am sorry that, by owning or reading my words, you have put yourself in grave danger, not only from the Witch Hunters, but also from the followers of Mirroam and every aspiring cultist in our land. Your bravery or your foolishness will open your mind to truths of this world that you will wish you never knew. I strongly advise you to abandon this book and remove any trace of your ownership if you do not have the strength and the will to do what is right and fight the dark forces around us that no one sees. If you have the heart, read on my friend. May Sigmar protect you.

Chapter 1. Valten's Crypt
Havok and desecration in the village of Saltpans

Years ago, before Mirroam had begun to attain his divinity, there was a great war against the followers of the Dark Gods. The situation looked grim until a hero arose from the village known then as Saltpans. This great hero, Vaulten by name, was the only son of a blacksmith, but many believed him to be the reincarnation of the great god Sigmar, our holy protector. Vaulten lead the armies of our land against the armies of the Dark Gods, and eventually vanquished their champion. The battle won, Vaulten finally succumbed to his wounds and collapsed into a coma. His loyal men brought him to the capital of the Northern provinces, Winterfell, where he was attended by priests of Mishakal. Despite their expert help, the great hero eventually succumbed to his wounds. The priests of Mishakal encased his body within a sacred sarcophagus and carried it to Saltpans, where they built a shrine and a temple to him and Sigmar.

The shrine of Vaulten soon became a site of pilgrimage for the faithful. The waters that flowed from its sacred vault healed the sick, and blessings beseeched on that consecrated ground would almost always be granted. The clerics that attended the temple enjoyed a special connection to their god. A young cleric, Raphael, had bore particular favor and could see the twisting skeins of fate as they wove into the present. His oracle only added to the renown of the temple. This holy place would be the cradle of Mirroam’s vile rise to power.

Mirroam, then barely a demigod, sent visions to his greatest followers, which told them to come to a secret shrine in the foothills near Saltpans. The dreams also instructed them to visit the tomb of Vaulten although it left vague what they were to do once there. The first three servants to arrive were Telessa, a gifted warlock and prophet in Mirroam’s service, Mikka, a druid of the ascendant god with a special link to the world of plants, and Zorga, a cleric of Mirroam from the barbarian tribes beyond The Wall. The three of them met in the shadow of a standing stone before the shrine. They viewed each other’s presence with mistrust as they had each believed themselves the only one called. Before Mikka and Telessa could come to blows, the blind keeper of the shrine, Fraz’ur Golach (referred to in many dark texts as Tim) stepped out of his shack and asked the vile trio in.

Inside the shrine, Mirroam’s servants met with a fourth; a fiend of obvious taint with pale blue skin, small horns, pointed teeth, and the Mark of Mirroam clearly adorning his exposed chest. This creature (I am loath to call him a man) introduced himself as Pe’ell, and mocked the trio’s late arrival as Tim served everyone a meal. After Telessa succumbed to the poisoned stew, the Oracle of Mirroam gave his guests directions to Saltpans and sent them on their way.

The band of Mirroam’s followers (hereafter referred to as the party) arrived at Saltpans a few hours after nightfall. Pe’ell, used his magic to disguise his tainted form as the bard Ronaldo. Mikka realized her dear plant companion, Ennel, might blow their cover and draw the attention of the local authorities. She instructed Ennel to wait outside the gate for her, and the party knocked. A member of the town’s militia questioned them heavily before allowing them entry.

The party went to secure lodging in the town’s only inn, The Open Arms. Zorga ordered the house’s strongest drink, nearly passed out, and went to bed. Mikka learned of a competition to please the local governor. Telessa got into an altercation with a local man by the name of Ben. The situation escalated and they decided to take it outside. Ben broke a bottle and menaced Telessa with its jagged neck. Unimpressed, the dark warlock attempted to blast the drunken human with his magic. Ben realized he was facing a witch and ran screaming for the street. [:38352 | Telessa]] tried once more to slay Ben before the man’s screams could blow his cover. Mikka, now up in the party’s room, stuck her head out and asked what was going on. Telessa admitted to using his magic and then made for the protection of his room. Mikka called her companion to her, expecting trouble. Ben soon returned with the town’s constable and a couple of the militia. The innkeeper, none other than the famous adventurer, Jack, went to get Telessa so the man could defend himself. The silver tongued warlock convinced the constable that Ben, a normally honest man, was drunk and lying. The party’s vile intent remained hidden.

The next day, the party went to scope out the temple of Sigmar and Vaulten’s tomb. They succeeded in gaining admittance to the graveyard but could do nothing but look as the grave keeper of the temple, the Oracle Raphael, was currently digging a new grave. The party pretended to pray at the crypt, almost came in contact with its holy water, and left with little more than they had before. Zorga convinced the rest of the party to attempt the competition to entertain the governor.

The party approached the governor’s villa and gained entry. A guard led them through the gold plated halls and into Governor Vladimir Harkenon’s throne room. On the way, one of the party noticed a flash of red hair disappearing behind a door, but thought little of it. Governor Harkenon gave them the stakes under which the villains were to compete, including the fact that they might be imprisoned or killed if they failed entertain him any other way. Mikka amazed the court by riding and controlling her plant companion. Then the governor asked what the others planned on doing. Telessa and Zorga were quite taken aback at this and could think of nothing. After some consternation and discussion, Mikka deigned to help Telessa, who in turn deigned to accept her help. The pair used some minor magics to create the illusion of juggling. The governor was little impressed as his jester could do the same thing much better. Then Zorga accepted the governor’s suggestion and fought his jester. The jester’s acrobatics and scathing wit brought great shame on both Zorga and Telessa until Mikka came to their aid by jousting the jester. Governor Harkenon was quite entertained by the spectacle and called for his chest. Two servants carried a gilt chest into the room. The governor reached into the gold filled chest and drew out a necklace of little quality and gifted it to Mikka, who accepted it with glee. The party left the mansion with Telessa and Zorga vowing revenge to their vile god.

Back at the Open Arms, the party gained more information about the town, such as Constable Stevenson’s predilection for cats and Raphael’s prophetic gift. After some discussion, the party decided to risk all and attempt to gain access to Vaulten’s tomb that night. They left for the temple without informing Pe’ell of their plans.

Zorga, Telessa and Mikka succeeded in avoiding all militia patrols and approached the temple of Sigmar. As they neared the doors, they noticed a beggar sleeping on the steps. They avoided the beggar and entered the temple. When the party entered the chapel, they startled the cleric, Paul, who was performing a midnight vigil for those suffering nearby. When Paul questioned the party, they succeed in convincing him that they were pilgrims in desperate need of access to saint Vaulten’s shrine. Paul let them pass with his blessing.

Out in the graveyard, the party was confronted by Raphael. The brave servant of Sigmar had chosen to fight their evil rather than endanger his fellow clerics. He invoked the righteous might of Sigmar and charged the servants of Mirroam. Then Telessa unleashed is vile magic on the great hero and shattered his mind. Raphael could not help but flea as the warlock’s magic possessed him. Paul heard the noise of battle and came to join the fight, but could barely get a single prayer of protection from his lips before Mikka and her plant slew him. Then Mikka entangled the fleeing prophet in awakened grass and Telessa sent his brave soul to be devoured by Mirroam. Soon after, a disgruntled Pe’ell leapt the fence and joined them.

After the fight, the vile crew reentered the chapel and used the bodies of the cleric as well as the sleeping homeless man in a dark ritual to Mirroam. The god was so pleased; he gifted his followers with the service of one of his minions, a bearded devil. The taint caused by this ritual still remains in the ruins of the temple.

The party ordered the bearded devil to open Vaulten’s crypt for them and then released the fiend to wreak havoc on the town. Then they opened Vaulten’s sarcophagus and peered in. The sarcophagus held only a pair of hammers, the holy weapons that Vaulten had wielded in the great war against Chaos. No trace of Vaulten’s body could be found. Mikka and Telessa each took one of the holy warrior’s weapons and secreted the relics on their persons. Then the party took to the streets to enjoy some slaughter and get their revenge on Governor Harkenon.

After slaughtering a couple militia contingents, the party reached the gates of Governor Harkenon’s mansion. Although the gate’s guards presented little difficulty, the lock confounded the party for a time. Then Pe’ell, clearly enjoying his companion’s idiocy, told them to check the guards’ bodies. When they did, they found the key to the gate. Once inside the grounds, the party met little resistance. They bashed their way through the main door, and murderously roved the halls. After looting the throne room and slaying one of the governor’s courtiers, the party encountered Guinevere Harkenon, the governor’s sheltered daughter. Apparently, Guinevere was touched by chaos herself, as she used magic to charm Mikka. Mikka’s protection prevented the young girl’s death at Telessa’s hands. The party moved on with directions to the Governor’s room from the scared Guinevere.

The Jester slept before the door to the governor’s chambers. He heard the party coming and leapt up to defend his master. He offered the party to the count of 3 to leave. The party responded with threats and insults. Then the Jester drew a magic rapier from its hidden sheath in his hobby-horse and engaged the evil crew. The Jester, apparently a skilled warrior and gifted wizard, assaulted the party with sword, spell, and explosive juggling balls, while avoiding death with his acrobatics. Eventually Telessa’s dark magic and Mikka’s summoned wolves felled the valiant Jester. The party looted his corpse and began to smash down the governor’s locked door. The portal eventually shattered under Zorga’s repeated blows, and the party entered the room.


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