The Southern Kingdoms


I, Franz Webber, last of my line, hereby record the ascendance of the Chaos God Mirroam. The story of how this vile entity came to challenge the Dark God for a place amongst them is a terrible and horrifying one. Many shall consider this information heresy and I do not doubt that the Witch Hunters shall soon track me down. Still, the information I have compiled must be known so that those who keep good in their hearts will know how to stop it from ever happening again. I am sorry that, by owning or reading my words, you have put yourself in grave danger, not only from the Witch Hunters, but also from the followers of Mirroam and every aspiring cultist in our land. Your bravery or your foolishness will open your mind to truths of this world that you will wish you never knew. I strongly advise you to abandon this book and remove any trace of your ownership if you do not have the strength and the will to do what is right and fight the dark forces around us that no one sees. If you have the heart, read on my friend. May Sigmar protect you.



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