The Dwarves of Eltiare live in underground fortress/mines deep within the Mountain ranges. In some areas of the world the also have laid claim to the surface lands and here build towns and cities of remarkable stone architecture. The stoic and militaristic dwarves are the main line of defense between the surface land and the monstrous evils of The Underdark.

Each Dwarven clan maintains their own hold, but most dwarves live in the major, hollowed out mountain cities, known as Karaks. All of the Karaks have large stone gates that allow access to the city on the surface as well on a mind bogglingly large highway cut smooth through The Underdark.

Dwarven culture centers on three main pursuits: Craft (which includes everything from stonework to some of the most modern technology Eltiare), War (both its theory and its practice), and mining (especially for gold). Almost every adult dwarf has experience in at least one of these fields, and most dwarven endeavors include some aspects of at least one of these fields (usually more). Despite this distinct racial focus, dwarven society does sport a great deal of diversity. No mater what a dwarf devotes himself to, they will commit a great deal of time and effort into it. The dwarves place a great deal of stack in the notion that anything worth doing is worth doing right.

Dwarves distrust magic in nearly all of its forms. The only form of magic openly performed within a dwarven community is the forging of runes. Dwarves rarely finish a work of great importance without including at least one enhancing rune in its construction. Other forms of magic usually result in, at best, exile. They’ll accept wizards of other races in their holds, but the dwarves in there company will always have an ax nearby.

There are roomers which tell of a clan of dwarves that gave into the worship of The Dark Gods and moved far into the east. These dwarves now practice strange technology by binding demon spirits to their machinery. No dwarf will ever willingly speak of these roomers with outsiders, and have been known to attack those who persist in asking questions.


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