Lizard Folk

Aztect architecture. *Vast Complexes with Aztec style Pyramids

3 castes Hrin’dar: The Hrin’dar make up the majority of the Lizard folk population. They are found in all walks of life, from soldiers, nobility, and priesthood. (normal lizard folk MM1)

Dein’ta: The Dein’ta are the shock troops, royal guards, and laborers of the Lizard folk. (black scale lizard folk MM3)

Disi’mu: The Disi’mu are the artisans, crafters, as well as serving as scouts and assassins. (poison dusk MM3)

Tribes differentiate from one another based on coloration patters of their scales. Individuals have their family color in spots or stripes which can vary greatly, while their Tribal colors are the primary color of the creature.
There are 7 known Tribes of Lizard Folk, The Rosh (Red), The Azul (Blue), The Ehcatle (green), The Irl’eess(brown), The Jios’seah (yellow), The Lazi’essh (orange), and the Ar’lakass (black)

Once every 50 years there is a grand meeting where the tribes send delegates to discuss matters concerning the fate of their people. There are similar meetings every 2 years for individual tribes. Each tribe has different strengths and talents, and varying proportions of Dein’ta and Disi’mu in the population. After the collapse of the Grand empire, the tribes isolated themselves from the world, and rarely deal with outsiders. There are sub tribes of lizard folk who have taken to raiding, pillaging and slaving, and then smuggle these goods into the inner cloisters of lizard folk society.
On a whole though, while seemingly Barbaric, lizardfolk society is highly complex with unique customs, and etiquette. They use gems as currency.

The Caste system While the sub races within the Lizard folk dictate what class they are assigned to, no one class is above the other. Leaders are awakened by the Ancients, and may come from any class.

The Lizardfolk have no known deities, but are able to draw power from a unknown entites they call “the Daedra.” Scholars assume that this may be a pantheon long forgotten by the new races.

History After the collapse of the Grand Empire, the tribes moved away from each other and the world, isolating themselves in whatever territory seemed far away from humans, and the new races.

Lizard Folk

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