A thunderstorm approaches, rain falls, and thunder booms. Alone, desperate, and captive a group of weary travelers are surrounded by raiders. They know this is their end, lovers exchange final vows, parents assure their children all will be fine; weeping, they prepare themselves for what is to be their end. One cries out, but his cry is drown out by a crack of lighting. The bolt strikes down between the victims and their captors, taking the shape of an armored man, in golden plate, wielding an arcing blue glaive. His calm expression, hints at sadness as he looks to the captives, as a crackling bolts of electricity form a shield around them. As he turns to the raiders, his expression changes to a fearsome rage as he readies his weapon…

Lyros is a Bright god. Originally a god of storms and battle, he changed with the tragic murder of his lover Kelivara, by the hand of his on time friend and now jealous nemesis Milhilar. Taking the mantle of his slain lover, Lyros protects those with a righteous storm of fury. He is active in the mortal world, and those trying to prevent the loss of loved ones pray in his name. Warriors also invoke his name to give them the strength of a storm, to unleash his fury upon the evil and wicked.

Churches dedicated to Lyros have a small contingent of warders in addition to the clerics and priests. They are used as the temple guard as well as general protectors, and work with the closely with the city guard. While Lyros is a younger God, the warders have not evolved into a Knightly order, but many are vocal in the pursuit of this goal.

Due to Lyros taking up the profile of Kelivara, the church has two main sects, the Bolts of Lyros, the martial of the two, and the Hands of the Wind, the remnants of Kelivara’s following and the more benevolent of the two. Though occasionally tempers flare about how the church as a whole should grow, the two groups are tightly knit, and always work with each other. While men usually follow the path of a Bolt, and women that of the Hand, they are not gender exclusive and are becoming more mixed as time passes after Kelivara’s murder. Clerics not choosing to follow either path are starting to form a new third sect, which embraces Lyros as a changed God, following his actions after his tragic loss. While labeled radical by some, their works of good have earned them a place within the Church hierarchy and are largely regarded as what the future holds for the Church of Lyros.

Clerics of Lyros may choose from the following domains: Storm, War, Protection Air, Celerity, and Wrath.

Lyros uses a glowing blue glaive which arcs with electricity. His favored weapon is a glaive. His symbol is a fist holding a black cloud with thunderbolts escaping between the fingers. but since Kelivara’s death, some have added changed the black cloud to a green eye surrounded by wind, while keeping the lightning bolts.

Lyros is a muscular but lean warrior, with Glowing Blue eyes, and wild black hair. He appears most often in his unique suit of golden Fullplate, carrying his electric glaive. His charismatic face usually hints at sorrow.


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