Phyros a large human kingdom to the east, built upon the ruins of the empire of the Ancients. Here the laws are enforced to the utmost specification, and a large military police force keeps the people in line. Although burdened by many laws, the people now live in a new found peace, due to the Phyrosian victory in the “Thousand Battle War” which lead to Phyrosian dominance of the nearby kingdoms of Helios, Androsia, and Khural. Phryosian’s follow the Ancients in their arts of metal and stone working creating grand structures that match those left by their forefathers. Militarily, Phyrosians favor neither light nor heavy infantry but a strange mix of medium armored warriors with large two handed weapons, supported by archers. Here Divine magic is legal and supported by the churches who have the proper charters with the ruler of Phyros, The Patriarch. Arcane magic is also legalized through the Office of Arcane. while few organized Arcane colleges exist, sorcerers are more common due to the strange drifts of power left by the Ancients manifesting in children. The government is lead from the top down by the Patriarch, who is the supreme law in the land. beneath him the Grand Dukes compose the Grand council, and split the territory governance. Under them, are the Barons who control individual towns and lands.

The Phyrosians have a long standing enmity with their northern neighbor Valerya. This results mostly from the equal power of the two kingdoms, but the many violent Phyrosian conquests, coupled with their acceptance of innate magic, has led the two kingdoms to the brink of war. An uneasy peace is currently being brokered between the current Patriarch and king Karl the Blessed.


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