Alexander Telem

A laid back adventurer who shares very little of himself.


Known capabilities: Various illusion spells and a handful of attack spells. Proficiency with many weapons and armors, but a distinct fragility. Dexterous enough to attempt movement past threatening enemies, but not always successfully. Displayed ability to sneak and forge documents, and skilled in personal interaction.


Alexander first met the party as a guard in a doomed city, at the site of an undead attack. In the confusion of Okar’s much larger attack, he managed to escape the city carrying the wounded female captain of the guard. On second meeting the party in the refugee camp, he unilaterally declared himself retired from guard duty and attached himself to them for profit, fun, and who knows what other reasons.

Since then he has rapidly been expanding his combat support abilities. Still, he hasn’t let his silver tongue relax either, finding opportunities to sweet talk freed slaves into his sleeping bag, and extorting extra payment anywhere he can.

He has come into some conflict with other members of the party, especially one that made a hobby of stabbing helpless prisoners (which he terms a real “dick move”). The last thing the party needs is a murder rap. Fortunately, that person has recently mysteriously disappeared, so things are looking up.

Alexander Telem

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